Guanokalong Nutrients

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GuanoKalong Nutrients

100% Organic GuanoKalong Nutrients deliver everything promised. Naturally blended formulas that will complement all organic and soil grow plants, flowers and vegetables pushing them to their full potential. Bat Guano provides excellent properties for all living plants - speeding up growth phases, flowering phases, improving flavours and increasing harvest. Organic growers seeking those natural flavours and aromas in their crops - will not be disappointed.

Kalong Grow & Bloom Liquid Fertilisers

Feeding your plants Kalong Grow and Kalong Bloom - will ensure your end product is improved ten fold - due to the long release of nutrients which will stimulate medium micro life. Compatible with soil and coco coir - both liquid fertilisers have dilution rates - during the flowering phase using Kalong Bat Boost K2 which is an organic taste improver - will not only improve flavour but also speed up overall flowering period.

With simply to follow feeding charts on our website for each product, Guanokalong Nutrients are the organic growers choice, give us a call or pop in for any information on Guanokalong Products, we are open 7 days a week.