Alien RDWC 16 Pot 20L Silver Pro Series

The next generation Alien RDWC 16 Pot 20L Silver Pro Series are produced from heat-reflective silver polymer, and feature Jet Stream A.I.R™ Rings in each pot to encourage faster root development.
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Alien RDWC 16 Pot 20L Silver Pro Series Product Details:

The next generation Alien RDWC Silver Pro Series are built from heat reflective Sliver Polymer - which assists in keeping your temps cool, meaning that your water chiller can work less harder. The Alien RDWC Silver Pro Series feature A.I.R™ Rings - which create more strong pressure providing maximum oxygen saturation to each individual plant pot.

Available in 20 or 36L pot versions each complete with all the components to allow you to plug in and grow!

Featuring new and stronger net pots made from 'supersoft' a material that will prevent any root damage. The net pots fit rockwool cubes on the inside put remain circular on the outside, so that you can rotate them. Over saturated rockwool cubes are now also a thing of the past - due to the raised grid on the bases.

Making life simpler for the grow the Alien RDWC Silver Pro Series header tank features factory fitted chiller fittings, making sure that attaching a chiller is a simple task. The Alien Silver Pro Re-circulating Deep Water Culture Systems features the new Jet Stream air pump that will maintain your highly oxygenated nutrient solution in the header tank which is fed from the 280L Camo Tank. Consuming minimum wattage and producing low noise due to a double damping system, whilst twin air chambers generate lots of air at a strong pressure.

Alien RDWC Silver Pro Series will optimise your maximum growth potential, due to your nutrient solution been pumped around the system delivering an oxygenated nutrient solution direct to your plants root ball, increasing nutrient uptake and optimising root health. With quicker root development the plant vegetative time can be reduced and a bumper harvest will still be reaped!

The many benefits of using the Alien RDWC Silver Pro Series include :

  • Made from Heat reflective Sliver Polymer
  • Dual-Flow™ fittings
  • A.I.R™ Rings
  • 50mm silver pipe
  • Reduces plant vegetation time
  • Very little medium used
  • Easy to drain down
  • Chiller Ready
  • Plug in and Grow

Greater Yield Potential 

  • Higher productivity with fewer plants
  • 20 litre pots for increased root space
  • Increased growth rates

Increased Efficiency 

  • High quality Jet Stream Air Pumps & Hailea Water Pump
  • High levels of oxygen and constant circulation optimize plants nutrient uptake capacity
  • Huge volume of nutrient solution means stable pH, EC/TDS and less change outs


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Size 1.8m x 1.47m (Pots as close as possible - excluding Tank)
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