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Top Booster is flowering stimulator that acts like PK1314 but with the added ingredient of Eddha-Fe (iron). Do not use in conjunction with PK 13-14.
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Top Booster Product Details:

House & Garden Top Booster stimulates rapid fruit and flower formation by providing your plants with a large amount of phosphorus and potassium over a period of 3 to 4 days. Top booster has the added advantage of EDDHA-Fe (red iron.) Red iron keeps the plant greener through this drought period ensuring a healthy lush plant. Phosphorous and potassium are important building blocks for the plant. Phosphorous is needed for the root formation and influences the respiration and photosynthesis within the plant. Phosphorous also plays a massive part in the flowering and ripening process. Potassium is needed for the absorption and transport of nutrients in the plant. It also has a beneficial effect on the ripening process.

How to use Top Booster:

Use Top Booster four weeks before the end of the harvest. Prepare the nutrients container by first mixing the base nutrients and setting your EC values then add Top Booster and adjust your PH values.

Add Top Booster to your nutrient mix at a rate of 15ml per 10 Litres of water.

Please note that Top Booster is an alternative form of PK 13-14. Do not use Top Booster in conjunction with PK 13-14 or vice versa as this will toxically over feed your plants and cause great damage.

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Size 500ml, 1 Litre, 5 Litre
Suitable For COCO, Hydroponics, Soil
NPK 0 -13-14
Dose 15ml : 10L of Water
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