Keep your grow room warm this winter....

It's that time of year when the central heating is certainly on and our big jackets are now out!

Depending on your grow room location - the drop in temperature can be a serious problem during lights on and when are lights out and when lights are on.

Here's some other things to try to improve your hydroponics grow room or grow tents temperature:

  • Utilize fan speed controllers to reduce the amount of air intake and extraction
  • Add extra heating such as an oil heater or electric fan heater
  • Insulate your grow room floor, wall and ceiling
  • Use a water heater for large volumes of nutrient solution
  • Monitor maximum and minimum temperature & humidity readings
  • Obtain your intake air from a different room - but not from outside
  • Ensure your nutrients are stored at the correct temperature
  • Run your grow lights during the night and lights off during the day

Implementing the above in your hydroponic grow room enviroment will help you to avoid low growing temperatures - which will have a detrimental effect on your plants. Not only will photosynthesis be reduced but also plant stems may go purple, growth will slow down and nutrient uptake will reduce. This means your yield at harvest will be reduced - and after all your months of hard work that's the last thing you want!

We are open for click and collect and stock everything and more required to keep your growing enviroment at the correct tempartures - throughout the seasons including the Lighthouse Wireless Thermostat , AirComfort Wireless Temperature Humidity Sensor and much more....