Want to heat your grow tent efficiently?

With Jack Frost still making an appearance - our hydroponics grow room or grow tents are getting nippy when the lights out. Now with energy prices shooting up like no one’s business - it's time to run everything efficiently as possible.

As I have warned many times don't let it go below 19°c in your grow room or grow tent, as this will slow down growth (your plants will assume it’s time to stop growing – as cold grow room temperatures emulate the winter season). Our plant roots need to be nice and cosy - in all stages of development.

The Lighthouse Wireless Thermostat is a handy plug n play - gadget that will enable you to run oil heaters when your temps get lower than 19°c (i.e. when your lights go out). Featuring a built in sensor the device uses a wireless connection between the receiver and remote thermostat. Very simple to set and use other feature include:

    • Easy and quick access LCD display
    • Automatically connects with receiver
    • Portable design perfect for wall mounting or placing
    • Transmission range - 20 meters in an open area
    • Plug in and play no installation required
    • Maxium appliance power rating : 230V | 50 hx | 3000 watts
    • Remote uses 2 x AA batteries featuring low battery warning

We stock both the Lighthouse 1kw and 2kw Oil Filled Radiators - so there's no need to let your plant roots suffer - click here for more information on both models. 

Keeping things cool in the summer....

When the summer reaches - simply program the LightHouse Wireless Thermostat to switch on any cooling equipement - such as a fan(s). This will ensure you can keep optimal tempartures in your grow space at all times and your plants happy.