LED Grow Lights are a solid investment for any hydroponics grower, but the basics below should not be over looked – if you wish to produce large and healthy yields every harvest!

Beware of overwatering

Modern LED Grow lamps run very cool and omit no infrared light. In fact a 600W HPS bulb wastes around 450W (75%) of the electrical energy - producing heat! This means your plants soil/coco growing media’s - will not dry out as quickly so plants can be watered less. Over watering will lead to other problems –such as mould, wilting etc...

Make sure the lights are at the correct distance

With no specific rule for light distances the recommended range for LED Grow lights is 12 to 18 inches from plants. This will vary depending on light fixture, plant maturity, size, etc – but look out for signs from the plant such as brownish leaves or leaves curling up. Utilize the LED Grow Light dimming function if present and make sure good ventilation is present.

Monitor grow room temperatures

With LED fixtures running cooler – it is vital that you monitor both lights on and lights off temperature and humidity. This will assist you to know when and if a grow room heater is required to ensure lights off temps do not get below 19c. Find out more on grow room lights off temperature here.