Why your grow room lights off temperature really matters...

We are nearly in November as you read and we aren’t not far from a touch of frost! Most hydroponics indoor gardeners are going to need to add some extra heat in to our growing room or tent – once the lights go out. The last thing you any grower wants is slow growth and development – so investing in heater is the often the only way to keep things growing all year round.

It's not hard to know if your going to need additional heat during lights off during the colder months - just monitor the temps using a Digital Combo Hygrometer with Probe - anything below 65°F (18°C) - tells you need a heater - you don't need to wait for the plants to tell you...

The importance of heat in the grow room

Having the right temperatures in your grow room at all times is vital for a healthy yield at harvest. This rule also applies to your nutrient tanks – a water heater will be needed to keep the tank between 65°F (18°C) and 68°F (20°C) for truly optimal plant growth – and it’s the perfect temperature grow room range for when your grow lights switch off.

So regardless of outside temperatures you can easily run your indoor garden with success all year and have the same yields at harvest – as long as that environment is set right. The power consumed by the additional heater during the lights off period can be minimised by using timers or a light house wireless thermostat – to automatically switch on/off the heater. Keeping your grow room within the range of between 65°F (18°C) and 68°F (20°C) will bring the below benefits to your plants:

  • Eliminate the risk of stalling/stunting plants
  • Kick starts plants more quickly when switched to 12/12
  • Promotes stronger fruiting/flowering
  • Plants develop stress free with fewer problems
  • Enables all year indoor gardening

Which heater for your hydroponic grow space?

Our 3kw Lighthouse Electric Heater is suited for larger grow rooms and tents – it has three mode settings and features a no red glow in operation – so there’s no need to worry about the lights off period been interrupted by light. Available in smaller sizes the 1 and 2kw Lighthouse Oil Filled Heaters will maintain good temperatures in your grow environment - offering 2 or 3 power settings depending on model. For smaller propagation areas - where a regular ambient temperature is critical our Tube Heaters will provide enough heat to keep your young plants/seedlings happy. 

You can visit our Water and Room Heating page of our website here.