Hydrohobby - GAS Enviro Controller

Global Air Supplies are leaders in the hydroponic industry first and only horticultural wholesaler that specializes in ventilation products. We take a look at the new - GAS Enviro Controller, GAS EC Speed Controller & GAS EC1 Controller just in at Hydrohobby.

Global Air have teamed up with Systemair who themselves where established back in 1974 – and are leaders in global ventilation technology. This meeting of expertise ensures consumers that all products are tested and tested to ensure they will help you to obtain and maintain the grow environment you need. With millions invested in to product research and development, Systemair products are not cheap by any means – all products are manufactured under strict ISO 9001.

GAS Enviro Controller

So we have stocked and sold the reliable Revolution EC Vector Fan range for sometime - we looked at them in a previous post when they hit our shelves - you can read it here : Silenced Revolution EC Vector Fans.

The new GAS Enviro Controller is able to provide you complete control over all aspects of your grow room. As allows with always the unit is robust, clean, sleek and is wall mountable....This unit will control your grow room temperature and humidty by deceasing and increasing your fan speeds precisely.

Compatible also with HyperFans this Enviro Controller also has the ability to control other grow room equipment such as : heaters, timers (2 x 600w  watt lights), humidifiers and dehumidifiers - using the two dedicated exits each with a Max Load 2200W. With day and night settings plus a dump feature for closed looped environments - the GAS Enviro Controller is a solid investment for any grower looking to gain maximum control in your grow room environment.

The unwrapping of the GAS Enviro Controller....

Simple Controller Configuration

With a clear green LCD display setting up your GAS Enviro Controller couldn't be any easy - with use control keys - you program in your required fan settings, once this is done - then you just need to set up Exit 1 and Exit 2 - letting the system know what input type you are using i.e: humidifier, dehumidifier, heater or timers. Place the temperature Sensor cable at canopy height and your off! Complete with an A4 setup guide - Global Air & Systemair have all bases covered - bringing us another first class product bringing only benefits to your grow room including:

  • Precise temperature and humidity control
  • Compatible with EC Revolution and HyperFans
  • AC Fans to a max of 2200 watts
  • Set fan speeds to control CO2 and keep air fresh
  • Plugs directly into Systemair's EC fan range

GAS EC1 Controller

For specifically controlling the Systemair EC Fan range the GAS EC1 Controller is a high quality and robust - thermostatic speed controller. With no need for external power source - using active cables the unit will give you accurate minimum and maximum speed control over your EC Fan - whilst assisting to keep air fresh and CO2 rich in your grow room environment.

GAS EC Speed Controller

Like the EC1 Controller the GAS EC Speed Controller using no external power, you will be able to control the speeds of two EC Fans with ease. Giving you the ability to balance the amount of negative pressure - by allowing precise control of each fan independently. Using GAS Active cables allows the device to be powered from the EC Fans meaning power leads and plugs in your grow room.

These are three great products - and if you've already invested in a EC Fan - or are considering it - then these controllers will ensure you have maximum EC Fan control speed - without breaking the bank!