Hydrohobby - Hydroponic Systems

If you love simplicity and large yields then any of our Hydroponic Systems will deliver - regardless of your experience. With the correct tools your indoor gardening experience will be nothing but successful.

As I say in so many post doing your own personal research - from reputable sources is the key, today I take a brief look at three long standing popular hydroponic systems that we've been selling over the years and customers - love their results.....visit our hydroponic systems to see our full extensive range.

What are the best hydroponic systems?

As with our nutrients - we only sell the best products available - and it's the same with our hydroponic growing systems. With over 15 years in the hydroponic industry, staff are ready to help you choose the right system for your needs and requirements.

To get the most success from any growing system - you will need to ensure the growing environment is correct. Reading my previous post's : The Importance of VPD and The Importance of EC in Hydroponics - will soon bring you up to speed quickly. You find links in these post's to the vital tools you will need to bring you success in your indoor garden as well as the specific temperature and humidity ranges you should be aiming for.

1. Wilma Systems

Super versatile Wilma Systems offers you the choice to grow in soil, coco or can be setup as a drip and drain hydroponic system utilizing clay pebbles. This system is very easy to use - apart from maintaining your reservoir (pH,EC and water levels) - the Wilma system will do the rest, drip feeding your favorite plants little but often - set via a timer at intervals according to stage of growth. Available in Pot Sizes from 4 pot - 10 and XL, XXL pot sizes - all Wilma Systems deliver larger yields with very little effort required for the grower starting at £69.99 - this is the perfect introduction to hydroponic systems. 

2. NFT Systems

These systems bring results when ran correctly - and I mean results! From as low as £44.99 you can grow plants to their full potential - quickly, requiring little maintenance and a minimal amount of growing medium.

So how does NFT work  - its simply, your plants are started in rockwool cubes and once roots are present they are transferred to the NFT system which will then hold the cubes in position and provide a constant flow of nutrients and oxygen to the roots below - which will equate to bigger and healthy plants.

You will get all the components required for success in every NFT Kit - which includes a NFT Tray, Nutrient Tank, a Spreader Mat - which ensures the nutrient is evenly spread across the tray to plant roots - and top plate(s) which will hold the cubes in place and reduce algae from light, and of course a water pump and feeding tube to recirculate the nutrients around the roots.

3. AutoPot Systems

With no electrical parts the AutoPot System uses the Aqua Valve System in each individual pot  which controls the flow of water using gravity pressure from the water tank - shutting off when it reaches its pre-set level of 20mm. It really is that simply - no power - all you need to do is maintain the tank - and select your growing media which can be soil, coco or hydroponic substrates.

Each of your plants will get a consistent steady feed – promoting constant plant growth and development throughout their entire life cycle. Available in a 4 XL Pot version - from £129.95 - providing you 4 x 25 litre pots, 47 litre Tank, AquaValves and all tubing required. Affordable and simply to expand the AutoPot System is perfect for anyone not able to make frequent visits to there growing area. 


As I always say research and research some more - all growing systems work, just ensure all other variables are within the ranges - do regular maintenance and you will soon reap what you sow :) !