Remo time is near.......

We are counting down till Remo arrives at Hydrohobby hydroponics - bringing his knowledge and wisdom to our humble store. It’s a great chance to meet the man himself, find out more about the famous and popular Remo Nutrient line, which we have had nothing but positive feedback from customers – bringing great results to growers of all experience growing in soil, soilless and hydroponic gardens.

If you have any questions for Remo but can’t make it on the day - email me here and I will put any questions you may have man himself.... Now is also the best time to re-load or start using Remo Nutrients as there's 10% off  for the one day only plus free samples!

Remo at Hydrohobby Hydroponics

Want to know more then check out Remo’s Channel on YouTube – and see what he’s all about – it’s going to be a day not to be missed – so put it in your diary – Friday 30th August 2pm – 5 pm