DutchPro Nutrients

For over 30 years from their base in Amsterdam – DutchPro Nutrients aka - the '“old school of Amsterdam" - have been serving growers first class high quality nutrients and additives, bringing great results to growers worldwide.

It was back in 2009 a Soft Water Base Feed was introduced bringing great results for the growers and the company, as they began to fore fill the wishes of the modern grower. The superb blends of DutchPro Nutrients & Additives are continuously improved, enabling them to still be a favourite choice of hydroponics nutrient in 2020! 

DutchPro develop high quality Nutrients and Additives such as Base Feeds - Original Hydro/Coco Nutrient HW and Original Hydro/Coco Nutrient SW – liquid A & B feeds designed specifically for use with Coco and hydroponic systems in soft or hard water areas. All nutrients are made with only high quality components therefore when plants are feed all components will be absorbed and no residue will be left behind. DutchPro Original Soil Nutrients SW - will bring all the essential macro and micro growth nutrients - required for exhuberant soil growth bringing you large yields at harvest.

DutchPro Additives

With products to support your plants right from the start DutchPro Take Root – contains natural origin, including several plant micronutrients and hormones which boost cell elongation, cellular division, nutrient transport and root development. Ensuring your plant gets the best start - leading to a bigger and better harvest.

Once your plants enter the vegetative stage then using DutchPro Multi Total – will ensure a problem grow free environment and is perfect for irrigation systems, soil, hydroponics or coco.

The single product will continue to improve water retention and bacterial life in the substrate, giving the grower multiple benefits including:

• Increasing the plants resistance against fungi

• Stimulating the cationic exchange of micronutrients and minerals

• Aiding the conversion of organic dead plant matter – to beneficial nutrients

During the vital plant flowering stage DutchPro Explode will explode your flower growth and yields – containing only high quality vitamins, acids and micronutrients.

DutchPro forward thinking...

So it seems DutchPro aren’t just about DutchPro – as sustainability plays a big part in the company. Reference to this the company waste garbage is separated, employees who donate blood are rewarded with bonuses and waste reduction is encouraged continuously.

Promoting sustainability inside and outside the company has setup several partnerships with primary schools to educate children on growing crops in a sustainable manner.


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