Hydrohobby - Alien PRO RDWC Systems

Alien are world famous when it comes to an automated high yielding hydroponics  system...and our new range Alien PRO RDWC Systems will give you everything you need to produce amazing yields - with great ease.

Customized to meet your grow space & requirements by Alien..

Every Alien System PRO RDWC System is deigned to meet specific floor space footprint - making it simply to choose the best system to utilize your growing area...all system are manufactured at Alien Hydroponics within 24 hours and systems can be tailored to meet your specific footprints requirements.

The best high quality components

The components included with all kits are high quality and are built to last - making the Alien PRO RDWC Hydroponic Systems a solid investment for any serious grower, looking to achieve a higher yield with fewer plants in either 32 or 55 Litre Pot - Alien PRO RDWC Systems.

The engine driving the Alien RDWC System's header pot is the first class HIBLOW XP-60 Compressor - extremely high powered - ensuring your nutrient solution well oxygenated alongside - working alongside the Norres PRO-Air Diffuser, which is constructed from clear high durability premium ether-polyurethane which does not stretch or react with nutrients or additives.

If your new to hydroponics - looking for a new growing system - or have just never heard of Alien Hydroponic Systems (where have you been) just check out the video below - to give an idea on just how powerful the equipment and setup is of these systems...when the see the amount of aeration that's occurring in each individual pot - you can see why massive yields are heading your way!

32L & 55L Alien PRO RDWC Systems

Starting at £999.99 the Alien PRO RDWC 4 x 34L Pot System with 50cm Spacing - will bring outstanding results requiring a footprint of only - 153 x 90cm. Should you have a seriously large growing area up to 800 x 340cm - the largest system - Alien PRO RDWC 32 x 55L Pot System with 100cm Spacing will fill and utilize this space to the maximum.

Alien PRO RDWC Systems are also available in  6 , 8, 12, 16 and 32 Pot configurations in either 34L or 55L Pot sizes giving your roots ample room for explosive growth and include clay pebble medium to support your plants in the net pots. 

The systems are low maintenance, easy to assemble and clean - once setup - all that's left after assembly is to careful prepare your hydroponic nutrients and maintain them using a Bluelab Truncheon and an Essentials EC Meter. Visit our previous post of the importance of EC in hydroponics - to make sure you mix your nutrient solution within the correct ranges.

Visit our full Alien Hydroponic Systems  - we also stock a full range of spares and accessories to ensure your system is working to its full potential throughout the year.

Have a look on YouTube - Alien Hydroponics Systems - have been getting top reviews for decades......and we've been selling for over 15 years!