The solution for more resin and oil production.

We get very excited when new products hit the hydroponic market - and Terpenez Essential Oil Intensifier is a new class of product created specifically to enhance the aromatic experience assisting with processes associated with oil and resin production. The special formula is blended in house in California, USA when you open the Terpenez you are hit with all organic botanical extracts - and its an amazing scent!

Receiving nothing but positive reviews - the versatile Terpenez Essential Oil Intensifier formula can be used throughout along side any fertilizer in any grow systems. Alternatively you can use Terpenez during your weeks of flush cycle aiding in the removal of residual nutrient salts whilst enhancing the scent of your garden.

If your striving for a bright sparkling resin-drenched product - then your going to need extra Terpenes which are the main building block of any plant resin or essential oils and contribute to the aroma, flavor and even color of your plants - this is achieve using Terpenez! So when using Terpenez you can expect a lot of oil and resin production - not previously seen in your plants not to mention the flavor.

How the Terpenez Essential Oil Intensifier works

Unlike competitor products Terepenez uses only organic, bio-identical, steam distilled plant extracts that your plant will see as it's own - there are no salts or heavy metals.

Competitor products however add raw materials to the front end of the gibberellic cycle in the hope it will increase resin production....basically put - they are designed to stress out your plant and a natural defense of plants is to often produce compounds including resin in response.

When using Terpenez you can rest assure you will only increase oil and resin production - without stressing out your plant - no matter how you decide to administer...on that note its very easy to use:

Use 1 -2ml per litre throughout the flower cycle, ideal pH range: 5.8 - 6.4

During the flush use at 2 - 3ml per litre - ideal pH range: 5.6 - 6.2

We've explain the main benefits of using this Terpenez Essential Oil Intensifier - and it's win win - your end product is going to be amazing plus your there is no loss of yield - as explained early due to the way it's been cleverly designed to work natural with your plant.

Available today in store in both 1L and 5L sizes - if you looking to take your produce to the next level enhancing your plants natural bouquet - then the wait is over :) !