Organic Foliar feeding plants.

Foliar feeding is often the forgotten option in hydroponics when it comes to feeding plants and flowers. Many customers have only experienced using foliar sprays – when they are combating a spider mite problem...

Today we look at the benefits of Biobizz organic foliar feeding your plants. It’s the quickest way to administer supplements to your plants, this is because it is very similar to if you where to put an aspirin under your tongue for example – it naturally becomes more readily available to the body, and its the same when you foliar feed plants. The sprayed nutrients quickly pass into the vascular system of your plant.

BioBizz Organic Nutrients

BioBIzz Nutrients offer three organic products that can be fed to your plant as foliar sprays:

Acti-Vera – will make your plant stronger, healthier and provide extra vitamins from vegetal origins. This is a great benefit to any plant spraying them 1 – 3 times a week up until the second week of the flowering phase. It will encourage nutrient uptake whilst strengthening your plants immune system – keeping it bug and disease free.

Alg-A-Mic – is an organic bio stimulants – made from high grade seaweed concentrate. This was extracted via cold pressing instead of using chemical solvents – which means your plants benefit from naturally occurring amino acids and a range of vitamins that nurture all of the plants needs.

Fish-Mix – will boost all living organisms and can be used in the earliest stages of vegetation. This is because the organic fish mix is mixed with Dutch Sugar Beet – and has not been extracted with any acids or stabilised with BHT.

The above three BioBizz products are seriously worth adding to your feeding regime moving forward, especially if you want to see a change within a couple of days.

Mix at the below rates spraying 1 - 3 times a week, and use until week 2 of flower:

One or more products: mix at 1 – 2 ml per litre of water

Three products: mix at 1 ml per litre of water

Rules of Foilar Spraying

Its very simple to spray plants but the below rules need to be observed to ensure only positive outcomes from foliar feeding:

  • Do not spray your plants when your lights are switched on
  • Remember that spraying will increase grow room humidity
  • Do not over concentrate when creating foliage sprays - always follow manufacturers instructions

For more information on Biobizz Nutrients visit our website: here, call us or pop in store where friendly staff - are ready to assist you further.