Hydrohobby - perfectpH

We only bring you useful hydroponic products to the table at Hydrohobby. Torus Hydro PerfectpH - ticks all the boxes - as it is the worlds first natural ion pH balancer. Created and designed in Los Angeles, California by Torus Hydro who are a company dedicated to changing the face of modern hydroponics - making it simpler.

Lets put it this way ...the technology used has been proven by NASA to stabilize plant pH with no toxic effects, and to approximately double yield rates!


PerfectpH - will make your life so much easier when it comes to maintaining the pH of your nutrient reservoirs tank - in fact using perfectpH you may not need to reservoirs change for up to 4 - 6 weeks! This is win win for any growers who it is not feasible to visit their indoor hydroponic gardens on a regular basis - to monitor pH fluctuations - you can now relax and know that you will not need to worry about massive pH increases in your absence.

So how does perfectpH it work?

To understand how perfectpH works you need to know why pH fluctuates in hydroponic nutrient reservoirs. The ideal hydroponic pH is in the range of 5.7 - 6.5 - changes outside this are because of an imbalanced of charge environment around plants' roots - using perfectpH will keep your pH in the ideal range.

PerfectpH does this by removing all the excess positive-charged hydrogen ions – that naturally build up in hydroponic systems, as plants photosynthesize. Using perfectpH allows nutrients to be totally accessible for plants consumption for longer periods of time. 

perfectpH lockzones

Saving time, money and water....

As mentioned earlier less reservoir changes means - less water usage and waste - which is going to save you money. Depending on what hydroponic system and the scale of it this could be quite a significant saving across the year. That's on water consumption and nutrients too - and naturally time....

Torus PerfectpH is a solid investment for any serious hydroponic grower using the perfectpH Cleaning Solution, will maintain the life of the perfetpH. The amount of time that pefectpH will operate for - before requiring 'regeneration' is totally dependent on the model, amount of plants and size of the nutrient use.

It is suggested that after 2 - 4 months of operation - simply remove your perfectpH from the reservoir and submerge it in the perfectpH Cleaning Solution - this process releases the build up of H+ ions that the perfectpH captures from your system.

Examples below explain how long pefectpH will operate for in your reservoir before requiring cleaning :

280L PerfectpH will last up to 4-8 months used in a 100L reservoir

140L PerfectpH -  will last up to 2-4 months 100L Tank reservoir

* The more plants and root mass will mean that the time for regeneration time will be lessen.

Compatible with all hydroponic systems

We mentioned earlier Torus Hydro are a company dedicated to simplifying hydroponics - and therefore perfectpH is compatible with the following hydroponic systems : Flood and Drain, Aquaponics, Deep Water Culture (DWC), Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) or any combinations of these techniques.

Which every hydroponic system you are running perfectpH will bring the below benefits:

  • Eliminate the need for chemical buffers
  • No need for frequent reservoir changes
  • Reduce water waste and nutrient consumption
  • Increase your plant yield dramatically
  • Technology used by NASA

A solid & sensible hydroponic investment

Hydrohobby hydroponics have sold hydroponic systems for over 15 years and for us - perfectPh is a must have for any grower who is looking to save time and improve plant yield whilst reducing the need for chemical buffers and frequent reservoir changes.