The Airbomz CO2 Dispenser

This is a great product, with a added remote control and light sensor the AirBomz CO2 Dispenser is in a league of it's own.... Designed for use in small to medium grow tents - this product ticks all the boxes, if you have been waiting for a affordable way to bring the CO2 benefits to your plants. Running on batteries the device is very simply to operate. Once batteries are placed in position - simply configure your frequency using the Remote Control...

Clever Light Sensor and simple setup

We made reference to the AirBombz featuring a light sensor - this is a great addition allowing you to simply choose when you want CO2 dispersed. Selecting the Light Symbol - which will switch on the Airbomz when lights are on, selecting the Moon Symbol switches on the AirBomz when lights are off. Spray frequencies of CO2 to be dispersed are also easily selected by the remote - between 1, 2 and 3 Sprays and then finally timing intervals between - 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 60 minutes or 2 or 4 hours. It is really easy to setup in three steps once you've put your batteries in place.

Giving off no heat raising your ppm

Airbomz are 100% battery powered therefore the units generate no heat and will only increase your ambient CO2 levels in your grow space to the desired 1200ppm. Giving you up to a 50% extra in yield....

There air many ways ways to disturbed fresh CO2 into your grow room however WE can see that with no complicated expensive tanks and regulators - Airbomz is truly affordable to all pockets at £29.95, replacement CO2 Cans are only £4.95.

The CO2 cans will last according to the dispersion of CO2 - so naturally you could use this from seed/clone - or at any other stages of your grow to receive the benefits of using the Airbomz CO2 Dispenser.

Airbomz CO2 Dispenser

Check out the video on our Facebook Page where Airbomz explain how simple it is to setup the Airbomz using the remote control.